About Us

Bebeboleta offers something unique and different in pet fashion. Our pet products are designed, manufactured and distributed exclusively by us and in selected stores. Our pet products are made with quality and all Bebeboleta's original designs.


Our goal is to offer our customers high-end fashion and accessories, the best customer service and the best designs of beds, clothing and accessories for pets.


Our creation comes with the idea of offering our customers high-end clothing and accessories for pet fashion, with a fast and dynamic service as the same firm and where these new designs make these people feel so special and loved by all of us!


At Bebeboleta we want to give a new style and option to those owners who want to give their pets a new look and breath of style, helping them to find with us a new version where beauty, comfort and happiness are perfectly combined!


We welcome you to the world of Bebeboleta, where all your dreams come true!


Founder & Designer of Dreams : Ingrid Vidal