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Our beds are based on the concept of design and quality with the main seal of doing it with a lot of love, so that your pet feels pampered and you are happy to see them in our beds.

In our online store you will be able to see our wide range of beds, novelties and latest trends that Bebeboleta brings you closer so that you and your pet can enjoy a new world in beds with thousands of novelties and original designs.


Our brand Bebeboleta brings us the latest fashion trends in beds for your pet. Trends in bed designs along with the most eye-catching novelties to be worn this year! Bebeboleta is a world leader in pet beds, where style, quality and love meet your and your pet's dreams.

We make our own beds with our unmistakable stamp of quality and comfort. Our beds are designed so that your pets are comfortable, at ease in them, warm and with the assurance that they are quality beds and most importantly, happy! Our reason for creating and being is solely to provide the best beds for your beloved pets!

Your pet will rest, relax and sleep in a sum of beauty and quality where all this will make your tranquility and desire for welfare for the dream of our loved ones come true.

Check out our online store and enjoy the variety of beds, designs, models, shapes and new trends in the world Drinker.


Bebeboleta has been designed with every detail to ensure comfort and convenience for your pet. Consult our online store and choose that bed where we are sure it will become your best moments of rest for your pet.

Your pet's comfort comes first, but why give up on fashion? We know that you love fashion as much as we do and that your pet will look great in our bed wherever it goes. Its design and functionality, with this lovingly designed bed also guarantees the comfort and convenience of your pet.


In Bebeboleta we want to give a new style to the beds for your pets and new options to you, with what new look and style blow to your pets and their beds, help them find in our online store a new version where beauty, comfort and happiness are perfectly combined!

We welcome you to the world Bebeboletawhere they are fulfilled and the bed of their dreams is found!


The bed is one of the main things that help or hinder our rest and with it our mood and character. It is also important for your pet to have a comfortable place to sleep. Now, you may have chosen a place and prepared a kind of bed for your beloved pet, but your pet never goes there. Do you know why?

It's time to find out how to make a bed for your ideal pet. A place where your pet can rest and where it is not cold in winter or hot in summer. Both the place and the bed itself are important for your pet to be comfortable.


Your pet likes to feel: tucked in, protected and safe. We invite you to choose a bed for your pet that is suitable for its size. Observing the position in which your pet sleeps is essential when choosing a place to sleep for your pet, since, depending on his position, he will need more or less space. If you sleep rolled up or semi-rolled up, choose a round bed.

You can find out the size you need by measuring from the start of your tail to the neck, so you'll know the width you'll need when choosing a bed for your beloved pet.

If your pet is fearful, they may need a place to feel totally safe, especially when sleeping, when they feel most helpless. You can choose an igloo-shaped bed for your pet, where your pet will be able to enter and feel completely protected, soft to the touch, so your pet will find it loving and warm.


Hand wash and do not tumble dry.

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